This picture shows a workplace charging grant funded charger

EV Chargers UK for Workplace Charging Grant Funded Charge Points.

We are fully Olev approved and ready to offer your workplace charging grant funded charge point to your Business with our first class service.

We only ever provide the most cost effective advice and independent consultation for your budget and business.  To save you time and money, at EV Chargers UK we will be pleased to go through all of the options available for your business.

At EV Chargers UK we pride ourselves on providing a full consultancy for the installation and maintenance of our services. We can maintain and install Workplace Charge points in any size of business and at employee’s homes. We can install electric vehicle chargers for new builds or existing premises.

The Smart Ev Workplace charge Points that we install will track the amount of electricity used by your employees and provide digital reports either weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Specialists in Workplace and Business Olev Funded Charge points.

The best possible future proof solutions for your business needs.

At EV Chargers UK we will work with you and discuss the best possible solution for your business needs and workplace charging rant, whether this is for your fleet, staff or customers.

We always build in options for upgrades so that your charging solutions are future proof. All of our installation staff are fully trained staff and qualified to the highest standards.

As we discuss your needs our specialist consultants will explain all of the possible grants available so that your requirements meet your budget. You will be given a dedicated account manager to make liaising less complicated.

You can claim up to £500 funding per charger.
Workplace charging grant funded charge point installed.

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