Please Note: the OZEV grant for homeowners has now finished. There is government funding available for Landlords, flat owners and people living in rental accommodation which is now called the EV Charge Point Grant. Government funded grants can provide 75% towards the cost of your charge point, up to a maximum of £350. Please contact us for guidance if you think you are eligible.

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

All chargers we install are approved by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), which means they qualify for the Homecharge Scheme or the Workplace Grant.

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme means that our customers can benefit from 75% off the total cost of their new home charge point, up to a maximum of £350.

To qualify you must:

  • Own an electric vehicle, have ordered an electric vehicle, have an electric vehicle leased or as a company car.
  • Intend to keep the vehicle for 6 months or longer from the date you took keepership.
  • Have off-street parking such as a driveway or garage.
  • Choose one of the smart charge points we have available.
A smart charge point is basically one which connects to the internet. This means it can be accessed remotely, allowing you to set timers for
example. It also means that the Government will be able to monitor usage, reducing high peaks of electricity which will put a strain on
the grid. For our customers this should mean that customers will be able to keep costs down by making the most of off-peak charging periods when the rates are lower.

Before we get you booked in for an installation document we will send over some documents that you need to fill in. Don’t worry, our office staff will be on hand to help you through this process. Once completed we will submit the application on your behalf.

Standard Terms & Conditions

To view our standard terms and conditions which includes information about any additional costs please click on the link below:

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