Congratulations on making the switch from a gas-powered car to an electric vehicle (EV). This transition promises a cleaner, quieter, and more cost-effective driving experience. 

While it’s easy to reap all of the benefits of an electric vehicle such as producing less carbon emissions, less noise pollution and maintenance cost as a new EV owner, there are essential tips and tricks to ensure you maximise your EV’s potential while safeguarding its longevity. Here are 5 essential tips every new electric vehicle owner should know.

Protect Your EV Battery with Smart Charging

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The heart of any EV is its lithium-ion battery. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, these batteries require specific care:

  • Monitor Battery Charge: Your smartphone’s battery can struggle when constantly pushed to the limits, and the same holds true for your EV. Ideally, keep your EV’s battery charge within the range of 30% to 90% of its capacity. Consistently charging to full or near-empty levels can negatively impact the battery’s lifespan.
  • Unplug at 100% Charge Avoid keeping your EV plugged in once it reaches a full charge. Overcharging can harm your battery’s long-term health. Some charging stations have built-in timer functions. 
  • Limit Fast Charging:  While fast charging can be a lifesaver on some occasions, it’s not recommended for daily use. Frequent high-voltage charging, like fast charging, can strain your EV’s battery. Be mindful of the charging station’s power and avoid unnecessarily lengthy fast-charging sessions.

Shield Your EV from Extreme Temperatures

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Your EV’s battery is sensitive to extreme temperatures, which can adversely affect its performance and lifespan. Here’s how to protect it:

  • Heat Management:  During hot weather, parking your EV in the shade can prevent overheating as extreme heat can degrade the battery faster.
  • Cold Weather Storage:  On freezing nights, parking your EV in a garage or sheltered area can help maintain its battery performance because extremely cold temperatures can reduce range and efficiency.

Plan Your Journeys with Charging in Mind

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While the charging infrastructure is growing rapidly, planning is key for long trips. Here’s what to consider:

  • Locate Charging Stations: Utilise tools like PlugShare to identify nearby charging stations and evaluate the EV-friendliness of your route.
  • Plan Charging Stops: On longer journeys, plan for charging stops to avoid range anxiety and ensure a smooth trip. Keep in mind that charging times can vary based on the station’s power.

Prioritise Regular Maintenance

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Proper maintenance is vital to keep your EV performing at its best. Schedule routine check-ups, including tire rotations, brake inspections, and software updates, to ensure your EV’s longevity and optimal performance.

Capitalise on EV Incentives

Incentive Program

Did you know that there is government funding available for landlords, flat owners and people living in rental accommodation which is now called the EV Charge Point Grant. Government funded grants can provide 75% towards the cost of your charge point, up to a maximum of £350. Find out if your are eligible here

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